Slot machines are gambling machines that create a game of chance for the players who can win money from it. There is a different kind of slot online machines available like a fruit machine, the slots, puggy, etc. Slot machines are also one-arm bandit because there are large mechanical levels fixed in them, and the ability of this game is to empty the pocket of the players so they can fill their wallets with that money.

When the game is activated, there are 3-reel or more than it is available that spins. The layout of the slot machine features these reel slots on it. There are some new machines that add hard design in it so they can trigger the players.

The slot machine includes different kinds of coins, cash, voucher, token and coupon in it. The machine payout is accordingly to the pattern of symbol which is displayed in the machine screen, which increases the income of casinos up to 70%.

Digital technology has brought up variations in the original slot machine. Players started playing video games which offer more interactive elements like advanced bonus round etc.

Different Terminology in Slot Machine

The unique feature in the slot machine is the bonus that will activate when a particular symbol appears in the winning combination. Bonus is the number feature that will depend on the game. There are some bonus rounds that are special in which you can win more and earn more.

  • Candle – It is the light on the top of the slot machine. It flashes or alerts when the game is on or close, and it also flashes when the player needs any help regarding the game.
  • Carousel – It refers to a grouping of slot machines.
  • Coin hopper – It is the container where all the coins are stored for payout. The device in the coin hopper rotates the coin into a coin tray.
  • Credit meter –  It is the total money credit or display of the amount on the machine.
  • Dropbox – It is a container located in slot machines where all the coins are collected from the hopper.
  • EGM – Electronic Gaming Machine.
  • Free spin – The most common form of bonus where the series of spins are played automatically without any charge.
  • Hand pay – It occurs when the maximum amount of the payout exceeds the machine operator presets that.
  • Hopper fills slip – The hopper fill slip is the document in which the record of the coins written as well as the signature of the player and employee, and the slot machine number, date, everything is mention in it.
  • MEAL book – Machine entry authorization book
  • Slant top – The slot machine includes a stool so the player can sit on it.
  • Payline – It is the line in which a payout will be awarded depending on the winning combination, and it a huge part of slot online
  • Paytable – Every slot machine has a table that lists the number of credits that players in it.


Slot machines have become a major part of gambling in the last few decades. It’s been more interesting as digital technology is going vast, which is unique for players. Slot Online games have also become an important part of gambling. The terminology of the machine is very important so the players can learn it from deep.


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